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As a member you will contribute to evaluate media and advertising, determine products of the future and pricing strategies, measuring the opinion and public view on current hot topics and much more where your views matter.


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Your opinions are valuable to us so every time that you complete a survey you earn credits (usually between 0,5-2€).


It takes just a minute to join. If you already are using Facebook you can connect your account for an even easier set up.


Companies and organizations are interested in your views. By taking part you will influence the media and products of tomorrow.

Enjoy sharing your opinion!

By sharing your opinions you participate in helping companies and organizations to improve their services and products.
As a thank you for this we will reward you and do our best to honor your time and input.


There are no requirements and you can participate when you have time and feel like it.

Advertising segmentation

With digital advertising the target group for campaigns can either be very general or be tailor to specific criteria among users.


Redeem your rewards and choose between personal rewards for you or donations to selected charities.

As a panelist

You will contribute to evaluate media and advertising, determine products of the future and pricing strategies.


To participate is easy, but if you have any questions we have a team of experts ready to support.

campaign evaluations

One of our core products is a multi channel advertising evaluation solution to establish the effect of a campaign and which channels have contributed the most to this.

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Each completed project earns you rewards that accumulate on your account. You can choose between redeeming the rewards for yourself in the form of money, gift cards or vouchers, give them to friends or donate to charity.

Each project will inform you before how long time it is estimated to take and what reward you will earn.

Register and contribute with your opinions to influence the media of the future and effect advertising and content while earning rewards.


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“I like that it is easy to do and that the surveys work on my phone.”

ANNE Panelist, Norway

“The topics are interesting but surveys can take a bit long time to answer to.”

LUKASZ Panelist, Poland

“Participating is fun and I can do it when I have time to spare.”

MARK Panelist, UK

Personal data protected

All the personal data that you provide is protected. The results of the projects are aggregated and presented as anonymous collective data. If you want to find out more please see our privacy policy documentation here . For more information and details and read more about the EU GDPR data policy directive here.

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